Aliphant Strips’ Characters: Gimelant


Extract from the ANTian Encyclopaedia.

Character from Aliphant’s Series
Gimelant’s Picture
Birth Place Island of ANT
Species Formica antiana
Gender Femenine
Post in ANT Retired
Hair Colour Grey
Skin Colour Beige.
Clothes Skirts with jackets
First Apparition in ANT Aliphant LIV.
Number of Apparitions 4
Other Characteristics Hobbies: public transport and digital music..

Gimelant is a retired ant who sometimes ask Aliphant for help to solve small tecnical problems.

Moreover, as a former worker in ANT, she is allowed to access to the company installations and she often visits the bus simulators Aliphant creates.

The origin of her name is the fourth letter of the Phoenician alphabet, gimel, in some transcriptions, followed by the particle ant, that identifies all the characters in the strip who works for the company ANT. Like as the origin of gimel can be found in the shape of a camel, the Gimelant’s colour and the face are based on this animal’s features..

Aliphant is no more surprised by Mrs.Gimelant sudden incursions inside his simulators, even if she considers them as actual vehicles, to praise the achievements in the art of simulation. However, he has even considered the possibility that she is actually a ghost wandering around the simulator where she probably died in.

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