Queen Bethant


Extract from the ANTian Encyclopaedia.

Character from Aliphant’s Series
Queen Bethant’s Official Portrait
Birth Place Island of ANT
Species Formica antiana
Gender Feminine
Job in ANT CEO
Hair colour Not applicable
Skin colour Brown.
Costumes Long ceremony dresses.
First Apparition in ANT Aliphant XVI. Presented by her name in XXIV.
Number of Apparitions 4 (Much more in portrait). It appears in special number 100.
Other Characteristics Appears in holograms as Asimov’s character Hari Sheldon.

Bethant is the Queen-CEO of ANT, the kingdom-company where Aliphant works in the comic strip series created in 2003.

The title Queen-CEO belongs to the structure of the ant in the firm ANT. There is a Queen-CEO in every filial of the company and all them are called Beth, plus the identification code that differentiate them.

The corporative portrait of the Queen-CEO must be present in every office. Therefore, Queen Beth can be often seen in the comics strips, though just as an ornament on the walls.

The origin of her name is the second letter in the Phoenician alphabet, beth in some transcriptions, followed by the particle ant, that identifies all the strip characters who work in the firm ANT. The name is a reference to Elisabeth/Isabel, used by the most influential queens in the History of Spain, Austria and the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, this word is a paronym of bezant, in heraldry, a disc or roundel that appears in famous coats of arms, like Medici’s

Her relationship with Aliphant is uncertain and almost nonexistent. It is know a first encounter in a Japanese restaurant where she decided Aliphant’s possible post inside the company. She was escorted by her loyal bodyguard Wawant, but the reason of this meeting stays hidden..

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